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About Of Indian Statistical Institute - Hyderabad, India

Indian Statistical Institute, shortly termed as ISI, is a public university with the headquarter located in Kolkata and other campuses in Delhi, Bangalore, and Tezpur. It is an institute of national importance which is recognized by a 1959 act of the Indian Parliament. It was founded in 1931 by Mahalanobis who was extremely influenced by the guidance of Rabindranath Tagore and Brajendranath Seal. The Statistical Laboratory which was opened in Presidency College, Kolkata, in the 1920s has now become one of the leading institutions of the country.

The training division was started in 1938. It is one of the oldest institutions focusing statistics study and research. The main aim of ISI is to provide research and training in Statistics and to involve in the expansion of statistical theory.

Description Of Indian Statistical Institute - Hyderabad, India


These include Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics, Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research, Social Sciences, Physics and Earth Sciences, Computer and Communication Sciences, Biological Sciences, Applied Statistics, and others

Programs & Degrees

Apart from two undergraduate and six postgraduate programs, ISI also offers diplomas and certificate programs.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor in Statistics (Honours), and Bachelor in Mathematics (Honours)

Postgraduate Programs

Master in Statistics, Master in Mathematics, Master of Science in Quantitative Economics, Master of Science in Library and

Information Science, Master of Technology in Computer Science, and Master of Technology in Quality, Reliability and Operations Research

Ph.D. Programs

Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Economics, Library and Information Science, Physics and Applied Mathematics, Geology, Biological Anthropology, Human Genetics, Agriculture and Ecology, Sociology, and Quality, Reliability and Operations Research

Postgraduate Diploma

Statistical Methods and Analytics, Statistical Methods with Applications, Computer Applications, Business Applications


ISI focuses on developing statistical theory and methods, and to make people learn to use it in research. This, in turn, works effectively in resolving the issues hindering the development of the country and social well-being. The institute is dedicated to carrying out the research in a range of fields of natural sciences and social sciences with the vision of the mutual growth of Statistics, natural and social sciences.

Since the 1940s, the institute is leading the research and application of Statistical Quality Control in India. The first indigenous computer was designed by the head of computing machines and electronics lab in 1953.


The admission for courses offered by Indian Statistical Institute is done on the basis of merit list and seat allocation process. The seats for degree/diploma programs are distributed category-wise. The interview is conducted for the final selection of the applicants. All the applicants are advised to go through the entire admission process, requirements, entrance test details and other information available on its website.


ISI has four campuses.

  • ‘Kolkata Campus’, headquarter and main campus of ISI is located in the Baranagore suburb of Greater Kolkata. It is spread over 30 acres of area.
  • ‘Delhi Campus’, opened in 1974, it offers M. Stat and M. S. in Quantitative Economics, and doctoral programs.
  • ‘Bangalore Campus’, opened in 1954, it has Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research Unit.
  • ‘Tezpur Campus’, opened in 2011, the campus is located in Sonitpur district in the state of Assam.

ISI facilities and services include a library, laboratories, boys’ and girls’ hostels, guest house, auditorium, canteen, computer and statistical service centre, and others.

Financial Support

The fellowships are offered to the talented candidates at the postgraduate and Ph.D. levels. Scholarships and awards are also provided to the deserved candidates who meet the eligibility criteria.

Why to join?

Indian Statistical Institute is committed to promote the study and knowledge of statistics, and to work primarily for national development and social welfare. It is one of India’s top institutions devoted to the teaching, research and training of statistics, natural sciences and social sciences.

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