Edith Cowan University, also known as ECU, is a public university situated in Perth in Western Australia. Being named after ‘Edith Cowan’, a first woman in Australian Parliament, the university has become the only university in the country on woman name.

Charles Sturt University, also known as CSU, is an Australian public research university situated in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria. The university was founded in 1989 after the name of one British explorer, Captain Charles Sturt.

Carnegie Mellon University, founded in 2006, is a global research university which is located in the city centre of Adelaide in South Australia. The university is the campus of H. John Heinz III College. It is the first American university who has opened its campus in Australia.

Central Queensland University, also known as CQUniversity, is a dual sector university located in Queensland, Australia.

Bond University, also called as Bond, is a private university located in the Gold Coast of the city Queensland, Australia. It was founded in 1887 by the founder and Chairman of Bond Corporation, ‘Alan Bond’ and the President of EIE international, ‘Harunori Takahashi’.

Australian National University, shortly named as ANU, is a public national university situated in Canberra, Australia. With the establishment in 1946, ANU has become the only university formed by the Parliament of Australia.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public university founded in 1991. It is formed by merging four Catholic institutions in Australia that were giving training to the teachers and nursing since the middle of 19th century.

Charles Darwin University, another short name CDU, is a public research university located in the Northern Territory of Australia, in Darwin. Founded in 2003, the university was named after one English Naturalist, Charles Darwin.

Curtin University, established in 1966, is a public research university located in Bentley, Perth in Western Australia. During its establishment, it was named as the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT).

Deakin University, one of the largest Australian public universities, is located in Victoria in Southeastern Australia. Founded in 1974, the university was named after Australia’s second Prime Minister and the leader of the Australian federation movement, ‘Alfred Deakin’.