University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario, Canada

University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario, Canada
1151 Richmond Street London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7

About Of University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario, Canada

The University of Western Ontario is a public research university situated in London, Ontario. Also known as Western University, it was established in 1878 by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth with name “The Western University of London Ontario”. Arts, Divinity, Medicine and Law were its first 4 faculties. The first class was started with only 15 students in 1881.

The university was renamed in 1923 as the University of Western Ontario. As per the ‘Academic Ranking of World Universities’, the university is ranked in top 300 in the world and top 15 in Canada. The university attracts worldwide students to study, engage and lead the world communities.

Description Of University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario, Canada

Faculty, Departments & Colleges

The Western University has 12 faculties and 3 affiliated colleges.

Faculty - Arts and Humanities, Music, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, Science, Social Science and others

Departments - Biochemistry, Commercial Aviation, Visual Arts, Nursing, Ophthalmology, English, Engineering, Health Studies, History, Law and others


Brescia University College, Huron University College, King's University College

Programs & Degrees

The University of Western Ontario offers over 400 programs related to a range of the field of study to more than 36,000 students (both national and international). It includes around 160 graduate programs.

Undergraduate Programs

Studio Art, Information & Media Studies, Health Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Linguistics, Sociocultural Anthropology, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Chemical Biology and others

Graduate Programs

Philosophy, Education, Biomedical Engineering, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Media Studies, Pathology, Physics, Sociology, American Studies, Neuroscience and others

Western University has three affiliated colleges providing programs on a specific area of study.

Brescia University College - Foods and Nutrition

Huron University College - Theology

King's University College - Social Work

Top researchers and honorable persons with extensive knowledge in their respective subject are used to teach the university students.


The university has achieved great success in various research projects related to almost all fields of study. It has gained a global recognized name as the research excellence in Neuroscience, Imaging, Wind Engineering, Philosophy in Science etc.

Its researchers have great contribution in making it on the top research-intensive universities in Canada. Whether it is fundamental or applied discovery, in-depth knowledge of researchers provides unbelievable advantages to Canada and worldwide citizens in terms of economic, social and health development.


With highly satisfied results of its mission, ‘best learning and living experience’ to the students, its enrollment strength increases every year. If you want to become a successful future leader in your desired field with Western University, just go through the admission requirements and its entire process here.


Western University campus covers around 1,120 acres of land that consist several buildings with Gothic-style to modern style architecture. It is located along the banks of the Thames River. 

Situated in the 11th largest city in Canada, the campus looks like an endless scenic location for study. All facilities such as the shopping centers, grocery stores, theatre, clubs, sports etc., are easily accessible.

Scholarships & Financial Support

The university helps students financially in a number of ways. It provides full support to the students in preparing external scholarship competitions. Various different funding opportunities are also provided so that students do not find any finance related difficulty throughout their study period.

Extra-curriculum activities

The university also provides a number of opportunities to excel in non-academic activities as well. The main aim of the university is to enhance the overall personality of its students.

Why to join?

Giving world-class teaching, research and other services encourage the university to introduce several activities that has now become an important part of the London community. Several research and volunteer opportunities are given to the students in order to widen their outlook and knowledge.

Social, personal and career needs are fulfilled to give world’s best education environment.

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