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27 King's College Circle Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1 Canada

About Of University of Toronto – Ontario, Canada

The University of Toronto, also known as U of T, is the world’s most prestigious public research university located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1827 by Royal Charter, the university gained its current name in 1850, after King’s College. Insulin and stem cell research, multi-touch technology development, first black hole Cygnus X-1 identification etc. were first performed by the university.

U of T is also a member of Association of American Universities outside the US, other than McGill University. With its hard work and educational competency, a university is ranking high along with the other top 5 US universities. The university is offering a wide range of research programs to the students from other countries. It iswell-known for its teaching strengths, commitments in providing best learning environs and students’ Excellency in the research field.

Description Of University of Toronto – Ontario, Canada

Faculty & Staff

The University of Toronto combines world’s best research and teaching faculties with the unmatched conveniences than any other Canadian university.

The university has thousands of faculty and staff members helping all 3 campuses of U of T in their mission of providing a top class learning environment to its thousands of students.

The university offers more than 700 undergraduate programs and 200 graduate programs in all three campuses. Students can find their interested program here.

Programs & Degrees

The high quality U of T education facility attracts students from all over Canada and other countries to pursue its undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.

UTM offers 148 undergraduate & graduate programs. The university students get great opportunity to learn from highly experienced researchers.

Undergraduate Programs

Anthropology, Biology, Physical Science, Economics, Geography, Mathematical & Computational Science, Psychology, Sociology, Forensic Science, Environment, Communication, IT, Management and others

Graduate Programs

Medicine, Anthropology, Chemistry, Geography, Cell & Stem Biology, History of Art, Physics, Sociology, Ecology and others

Professional Programs

Biotechnology, Management of Innovation, Forensic Accounting, Biomedical Communication and others

Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) program are also offered to help graduate students to learn all skills required to be successful in their career. 


Program enrollment can be done online with great ease. Just select the program you are interested in and get enrolled by filling the required form.


University of Toronto has three campuses.

  • ‘Mississauga’ (UTM), located in 225 acres of green area along the Credit river, has more than 1400 students population. It is just 33 km west of DownTown campus.
  • ‘DownTown Toronto (St. George), located in the centre of Toronto, is counted in the list of 18 most beautiful places in Canada. It features Faculty of Arts & Science.
  • ‘Scarborough’ (UTSC), located near famous natural landmarks of Toronto,is an environmental-friendly and energy-efficient area offers Environmental Science & Chemistry.

All these campuses offer award winning facilities to the students to make their learning and living experience full of interest. They always keep in mind the comfort level of their students from different parts of the world.

Extra-curriculum activities

Off campus, the students of U of T outshine in several extra-curriculum activities. They show their great interest in participating and competing a variety of inter-college sports teams. University offers all possible facilities to help students excelling in their talents.

The aim of U of T is to give students an environment where they get every opportunity to put on new ideas and discover different paths.

Exams & Results

Exams are held at the end of each session or sub-session depending on the type of program chosen. All related information can easily be found online.

Why to join?

The main aim of university is to provide highest level education system and closer-knit community experience to the worldwide students.

The university not only gives all essential amenities for vibrant academic life but also allows students to enjoy countless extra-curricular activities. Many faculties and researchers of the university are renowned globally for their groundbreaking performance in their respective fields.

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