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181 St James Road, Glasgow, G4 0NT

About Of University of Strathclyde - Scotland, United Kingdom

University of Strathclyde is a public research university situated in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. It was established in 1796 as the Andersonian Institute (the second oldest University of Glasgow). It received the university status by a Royal Charter in 1964 and became the UK’s first technological university. With its foundation, the university has expanded its services and facilities, and become one of the leading research universities in the world.

Strathclyde is ranked in the top 10 research universities in the UK as per the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Description Of University of Strathclyde - Scotland, United Kingdom

Faculty & Departments

It has four faculties and 29 academic departments.

Faculty - Humanities and Social Sciences; Engineering; Science; Strathclyde Business School

Departments - Architecture, Education, Pure & Applied Chemistry, Management Science, Law, Social Work & Social Policy, Accounting & Finance, Humanities, Economics, Physics, Marketing, and others

Programs & Degrees

Undergraduate Programs

Finance, Architectural Studies, Biomedical Engineering, Business Administration, Software Engineering, Spanish and Economics, Childhood Practice, Human Resource Management, Social Work, Mathematics, Business Enterprise, Biochemistry, and others

Postgraduate Programs

Finance Technology, Urban Design, Medical Devices, Forensic Science, Digital Health Systems, Applied Economics, Autism, Education Studies, English Law, Data Analytics, European Politics, Cancer Therapies, Pharmacy Practice, Digital Journalism, and others

Ph.D. Programs

Accounting & Finance, Architecture, Economics, Education, Management Science, Modern Languages, Entrepreneurship, Biomedical Sciences, Human Resource Management, and others


The researchers are engaged in finding the best solutions that help in changing the people’s lives. The research areas focus on making difference to the business, industry and society. The main aim of Technology & Innovation Centre of Strathclyde is to work with the partners in a way that ensures to bring a significant output. All research centres are dedicated to their respective global challenges.

As per the Research Excellence Framework (REF), Strathclyde is making the noteworthy progress in quality. It has placed Strathclyde at the UK’s top 20 research universities. 


All applications for undergraduate study must be made through UCAS, while for postgraduate study it is submitted online. The admission process, application requirements, forms, costs and deadlines are different for undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research programs. Make sure to check the admission details before applying for Strathclyde.


Its campus is located close to the heart of Glasgow. Being a close proximity to Glasgow city centre, the students can enjoy the city’s attractions, shopping and can even socialize alongside their studies at the campus.

The campus facilities include a library, state-of-the-art laboratories, auditoriums, lecture theatres, seminar rooms, health services, eateries, cafes, parking, accommodation, sports and fitness facilities, etc.

Extra-curricular activities

Strathclyde provides different ways to enjoy the university life by organizing a variety of entertainment events. The students can participate in the numerous activities and have fun.  

The Sports Centre has a wide range of facilities that include a fitness suite, a cycling area, swimming pool, multi-purpose sports halls, squash courts, dance studio, etc. More than 50 sports clubs allow students to join any club of their interests. They get opportunities to participate in different levels of competitions.

Financial Support

The number of scholarships and funding opportunities are offered by the university for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. They are awarded based on the level of study, subject area, family financial condition and various other factors are also considered. Only eligible students can take advantages of the financial support. Make sure to go through the eligibility requirements before applying for particular funding option.

Why to join?

The way Strathclyde works with businesses and organizations opens numerous opportunities for students to explore their ideas and gain new knowledge. The flexible learning environment, innovative teaching, cutting-edge research, global network and world-class facilities attract students to think about studying at the University of Strathclyde.

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