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3 Bailey Dr, Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3, Canada

About Of University of New Brunswick - Canada

University of New Brunswick, shortly known as UNB, is a public university located in New Brunswick, Canada. It was established in 1785 by a group of seven Loyalists. It is one of the oldest public universities in North America. By 1867, the university had only two faculties i.e. Arts & Applied Science. With the time, UNB has undergone significant expansion in terms of education and facilities.

Description Of University of New Brunswick - Canada

Faculty & Departments

UNB has 14 faculties and a variety of departments.

Faculty - Arts, Business, Education, Forestry and Environmental Management, Kinesiology, Law, Science, Renaissance College, Engineering, Nursing and others

Departments - Psychology, Social Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, French, Creative Writing, History, Culture and Media Studies, Sociology, Mathematics & Statistics and others

Programs & Degrees

UNB offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs across a number of disciplines.

Undergraduate Programs

Software Engineering, Earth Sciences, Psychology, Integrated Studies, Law, Radiography, Education, Logistics, Applied Arts, Hospitality & Tourism, Creative Writing, Drama, Computer Science, Forestry, Kinesiology and others

Graduate Programs

Anthropology, Education, Sociology, Mathematics & Statistics, Business Administration, English, Kinesiology, Physics, Political Science, Forestry & Environmental Management, Civil Engineering, History, Biology and others

Ph.D. Programs

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, History, Psychology, Sociology, Education and others


UNB has more than 60 research centres and institutes. The university is a home to motion analysis laboratory in North America. It is a global leader in power-driven prosthetic research. UNB researchers are working actively on various subject areas to bring a positive impact on the local and global society.

UNB has collaboration with various private and government agencies and organizations that work effectively in enhancing the knowledge base and research capabilities.


To study at UNB, applicants are required to meet the admission requirements which may differ between programs. Each applicant must go through the chosen program page to check the requirements and eligibility criteria. Applications are submitted online and program-specific documents can be uploaded easily. Application processing time depends on the program to be enrolled. Get all details here.


UNB has two campuses.

  • ‘Fredericton Campus’, founded in 1785, is located on a steep hill overlooking Saint John River. It has 13 different residences that include co-ed, all males and all females.
  • ‘Saint John Campus’, founded in 1964, is located in Tucker Park almost 7km north of the City’s CBD. It has two co-ed residences.

Both campuses provide an array of amenities that support the learning and a freedom of living to enjoy a successful university life. They also provide several off-campus living options.

Extracurricular activities

Both campuses have the varsity team, sports clubs and all facilities for recreational activities. Fredericton campus team, well known as ‘Varsity Reds’, competes in Canadian Interuniversity Sport league, whereas Saint John ‘Seawolves’ team competes in Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association.

Throughout the year, students enjoy a number of events and activities organized by the clubs.

Financial Support

Every year, UNB spends millions of dollars in scholarships, bursaries and awards for both undergraduate and graduate students, national and international. The different kinds of scholarships are awarded based on various criteria. The university provides assistance for provincial loans, type of scholarship you are eligible for and how to apply for particular financial support. To find out more about available financial aid opportunities, click here.

Why to join?

Giving higher education to more than 10,000 students from over 100 countries, the University of New Brunswick proudly welcomes the people to be its part.

The dynamic and highly supportive learning environment and indefinite career potential help students to achieve their educational and career goals with great ease. UNB’s teaching excellence, world-class research, small class sizes and highly experienced professors make it a highly preferable institution to the international students.

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