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+64 3 366 7001
20 Kirkwood Ave, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand

About Of University of Canterbury - New Zealand

University of Canterbury (UC) is a public university located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Established in 1873, as a Canterbury College, UC is the country’s second oldest university. In 1933, its name had changed to Canterbury University College. Finally, it got the current name in 1957. Since its origin to 1957, the university was ruled by a board of governors, by a college committee, and then lastly by the university council.

The University is ranked in the top 400 worldwide universities. As per QS World University Rankings 2016-2017, it has gained 214th rank in the world i.e. the third highest ranked university in the country.

Description Of University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Faculty, Departments & Colleges

Faculty - Commerce, Law, Engineering and Forestry, Creative Arts, Science, Education and others

Departments - Arts History, Physics and Astronomy, Cultural Studies, Forestry, Social Work and Human Services, Teacher Education, Business and Economics, Health Sciences, Law, Media and Communication, and others

Colleges - Arts; Business and Law; Education, Health and Human Development; Engineering; Science

Programs & Degrees

University of Canterbury offers a range of study options with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates in more than 80 different subjects.

Undergraduate Programs

Arts, Commerce, Forestry, Social Work, Teaching & Learning, Sports Coaching, Product Design, Health Sciences, Criminal Justice, Education, Fine Arts, Music, Science and others

Postgraduate Programs

Audiology, Education, Speech and Language Pathology, Water Resource Management, Linguistics, Health Sciences, Antarctic Studies, Commerce, Counseling, Specialist Teaching and others

Doctoral Programs

Philosophy, Education and Musical Arts


UC has more than 30 Research Centres and Institutes working on different areas of research. The university is continually contributing to the fundamental and applied research with a range of postgraduate and research programs. UC has also collaborated with various leading institutions and research organizations both locally and globally.

Research at UC is dedicated to facilitating and supports each phase of research conducted by the students, professors and researchers in order to get the real outcome. UC finds the key areas and works effectively to make a change in the world.   


To become a UC student, a candidate can enroll with myUC, UC’s student online portal, which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime around the world. The application process is different for each type of qualification such as undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral. Just find out the admission requirements for more details.


‘Ilam Campus’ is the main campus located in a suburb of Christchurch, about 5km from city centre. It covers 76 hectares of land with expansive green spaces and modern learning facilities. It also has four libraries, lecture theatres, studios, sports fields, research centres and laboratories. UC campus also facilitates cafes, eateries and bars.

Throughout the year, several types of events, performances and exhibitions are held on campus. It offers a range of accommodation options to both national and international students. The campus at UC focuses on giving all essential amenities to make a comfortable stay. It also helps in finding the most suitable and affordable space to live.


University of Canterbury provides various ways that help students to ease their financial burden for the study. Several types of scholarships, awards and other funding are provided based on the academic excellence, sports performance and other achievements.

Scholarships for first-year undergraduate, undergraduate, postgraduate and international students are different. These can apply through online application form. UC believes in offering the helping hand that works in easing the university life.  

Why to join?

University of Canterbury has gained an international reputation for the academic excellence and strong research culture.

Since its establishment, the university has produced hundreds of leaders in different fields.

The main aim of UC is to make a positive difference in the personal and professional lives of the students with its offered programs and services.

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