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About Of University of California, Santa Barbara - United States

University of California, Santa Barbara, shortly termed as UC Santa Barbara or simply UCSB, is a public research university situated in Santa Barbara, California, United States. It is a part of the University of California system. Its origin lies back to 1891 when it was founded as an independent Teacher’s College, Anna Blake School. In 1921, it became the Santa Barbara State College. Later in 1944, after gaining the university status, it became one of the 10 campuses of UC system.

Description Of University of California, Santa Barbara - United States

Colleges & Departments

UCSB is categorized into five colleges and various departments.

Colleges - Creative Studies, Engineering, Letters and Science, Environmental Science & Management, Education

Departments - Anthropology, Classics, Engineering Sciences, French and Italian, Global Studies, Linguistics, Medieval Studies, Political Science, Religious Studies, Theater and Dance, English, Computer Engineering, and others

Programs & Degrees

Undergraduate Programs
Computing, Statistical Science, Theater, Political Science, Religious Studies, Mathematical Sciences, Microbiology, Environmental Studies, Chinese, Writing and Literature, Aquatic Biology, Electrical Engineering, Global Studies, French, and others

Graduate Programs
Actuarial Science, Theater Studies, Portuguese, Mechanical Engineering, Global Studies, Comparative Literature, Asian Studies, Film and Media Studies, Linguistics, Marine Science, Music, Media Arts and Technology, Statistics, Geography, and others

Ph.D. Programs
Marine Science, Anthropology, Communication, Feminist Studies, Materials, Psychological & Brain Sciences, Technology Management, History, Computer Science, Classics, Geography, Sociology, Global Studies, Earth Science, and others

The research centres and units are committed to undertaking research activities in various disciplines. The supportive infrastructure is provided for interdisciplinary research to meet the academic goals of the different departments. The collaborations with various institutions, agencies, businesses, and organizations work effectively in providing the research opportunities, funding sources, and essential facilities to the students.
The workshops, events, seminars, and classes on different topics are organized throughout the year. The research activities are conducted as per the rules and regulations imposed by federal and state laws.

Applicants, whether applying for undergraduate or graduate study, need to submit an online application completed with the required documents and details. Make sure to meet the university admissions requirements which may vary depending on the study level and type of applicant. UCSB also assists students in the admission procedures, and policies.

UCSB campus is located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, giving beautiful and relaxing environment. It is spread over 1,055 acres of an area.
The campus has a library, lecture halls, laboratories, computer labs, residence halls, study rooms, dining commons, gym, police station, writing center, health services, counseling center, bookstore, restaurants, athletics facilities and much more.

Extra-curricular activities
UCSB has a vibrant campus life with a variety of cultural, sports and academic activities. It gives students every reason to enjoy their campus life to the fullest.
The men’s and women’s sports teams have participated and won various competitions. The campus has world-class facilities for water polo, swimming, volleyball, soccer, baseball, tennis, track & field, volleyball, golf and various other sports. The hundreds of students participate in intramural programs.

Financial Support
The students can make their education at UCSB affordable with the help of financial aid programs offered by the university and various external sources. Scholarships, grants, loans, work-study and other financial support options are available based on the academic achievements, financial needs, and other eligibility criteria. The university also helps students in finding the most appropriate financial aid.

Why to join?
Most of the faculty members are leaders in their fields. Thus, give students a chance to learn from the brightest minds and to enhance their knowledge and skills that prepare them to meet the existing and future demands of the industry. The research opportunities and academic facilities allow students to discover a new passion or to develop future career goals.

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