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400 Bizzell St, College Station, TX 77843, USA

About Of Texas A&M University - United States

Texas A&M University, shortly termed as Texas A&M, TAMU or simply A&M, is a public research university situated in College Station, Texas, United States. It is a first public institution of higher education in Texas. It was established in 1876 as The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. In the 1960s, the institution became coeducational. It was renamed to Texas A&M University in 1963 under the Texas Legislature.

Description Of Texas A&M University - United States

Colleges & Departments

Colleges - Agriculture and Life Sciences, Architecture, Dentistry, Education & Human Development, Engineering, Geosciences, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Business, Government & Public Service, Law, Public Health, and others

Departments - Animal Science, Architecture, Finance, Biomedical Sciences, Health & Kinesiology, Geography, Economics, Pediatrics, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, and others

Programs & Degrees

Undergraduate Programs

Communication, Dance Science, Animal Science, Maritime Studies, Nuclear Engineering, Philosophy, Turfgrass Science, Women's and Gender Studies, Visualization, Urban & Regional Planning, Public Health, Management, Entomology, and others

Graduate Programs

International Affairs, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Athletic Training, Kinesiology, Health Education, Africana Studies, Political Science, Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences, Astronomy, Biomedical Engineering, Accounting, and others

Ph.D. Programs

Architecture, Urban and Regional Studies, Anthropology, History, Oceanography, Geography, Microbiology, Statistics, Health Physics, Business Administration, Biomedical Sciences, and others


TAMU is considered as one of the largest research universities in the nation. The students get numerous opportunities to find the solutions to the cutting-edge problems and to create new knowledge. Through discovery and innovations at Texas A&M, the range of research programs work effectively in dealing some of the major problems of the world.

Research conducted at the university represents the teamwork, skills, knowledge, and efforts of the students and faculty members. The partnerships with the leading research institutions and organizations also help in achieving the goals.


Whether an applicant is applying for a freshman, transfer, graduates or international admission, he/she must meet the application eligibility criteria and additional requirements for the particular program. The admission process completely depends on the level of study and type of an applicant. Learn more about admission at Texas A&M on its official website.


The university campuses are:

  • Texas main campus is located in College Station and is one of the largest campuses in America covering 5,500 acres of area.
  • ‘Galveston Campus’, located in Galveston, it focuses on marine research and is a home to the Texas A&M Maritime Academy.
  • ‘Qatar Campus’, located in Education City in Doha, Qatar, it focuses on engineering disciplines.

Texas offers various facilities including a library, laboratories, museum, art gallery, housing, dining, health services, sports facilities, parking, etc.

Extra-curricular activities

The student clubs and organizations provide great opportunity to enjoy social, recreational cultural and sports activities by simply finding the one that shares the passion. The museums, art galleries and performing arts venues host the number of events, exhibitions, and concerts.

The university provides the world-class athletics and fitness facilities and is committed to building champions in various sports activities. It has 20 varsity sports teams that compete at the NCAA Division 1-A level. It has an archery room, gymnasium, indoor climbing facility, natatorium, courts, pool, outdoor pavilion, locker rooms etc.

Financial Support

TAMU provides a number of sources for funding the higher education. The numerous financial aid options are available to apply for the financial solution of the education at TAMU. The eligible students can enjoy benefits of scholarships, awards, grants, loans, student employment, and others. More than 70% of students enjoy some kind of financial aid.

Why to join?

Texas A&M University is dedicated to preparing the leaders who can take out the future challenges of their fields. The state-of-the-art facilities and services, innovative teaching methods, cutting-edge research opportunities, friendly learning environment and exciting campus life are enough to attract students from all corners of the world to be part of this outstanding institution.

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