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8888 University Dr, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada

About Of Simon Fraser University - British Columbia, Canada

Simon Fraser University, also named as SFU, is one of the public research universities, located in British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 1962, the university was named after one fur trader and explorer, Simon Fraser. It was started with just 2,500 students, whereas today more than 30,000 students are enrolled to a wide array of programs and courses.

Since 1991, SFU is named as one of the best comprehensive universities in Canada by the MacLean’s magazine. Simon Fraser University is the first Canadian research university which has U.S. accreditation. In these years, with its hard work and dedication towards high-quality education, SFU has gained a highly positive reputation across the world.

Description Of Simon Fraser University - British Columbia, Canada

Faculty & Departments

SFU has 8 academic faculties and various departments for specific faculty.

Faculty - Education, Applied Sciences, Environment, Communication, Art and Technology, Health Sciences, Science and Beedie School of Business

Departments - French, Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Archeology, Geology, Physics, Psychology, Economics and others

Programs & Degrees

The university offers over 100 undergraduate and over 45 graduate programs. The university also helps students to find their most fit program based on their interest and future goals.

Undergraduate Programs

Dance, Communication, Philosophy, Business, Environment, Mathematical Physics, Operations research, Health Sciences, Statistics, Biological Physics and others

Graduate Programs

Public Policy, Urban Studies, Digital Media, Interactive Arts & Technology, Business, Finance, Gerontology, Publishing, Education and others

Continuing Studies

The university is committed turning student’s passion into a career by offering several continuing studies programs and courses. They include Business and management, creative writing, leadership, urban design, web development, health and wellness, and others

The interested students can enroll in  the distance education and night/weekends classes as per their convenience.

Several student exchange programs are also provided having partnerships with universities in other countries such as Australia, China, Malaysia, Europe and more.


The university is a home to a wide range of world-class research facilities. It works with several other universities and agencies to perform the multi-disciplinary research. The various research institutes and centers are associated with the university, and make it consistently ranks high in the list of top Canadian universities. Research at SFU has a broad range from basic to applied research and from universe birth to future-oriented technologies.


Admission deadline depends on the chosen program. Some accept admission application on specific time period while some throughout the year. Please check the related information here.


SFU has three campuses located in three cities.

  • ‘Burnaby Campus’, located on Burnaby mountain at nearly 20 km distance from the Vancouver downtown.
  • ‘Vancouver Campus’, located in downtown Vancouver covers 385,000 sq. ft. of an area.
  • ‘Surrey Campus’, covers 350,000 sq. ft. of an area. The campus is well-known for its architectural masterpiece and has won various nationwide and global awards.

Scholarships & Awards

The SFU provides various scholarships, awards, paid internships, bursaries, loans and other financial support programs that encourage national and international students to excel in their areas of study.

Extra-curricular Activities

SFU is also the member of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the world’s largest collegiate sports organization. It is the only Canadian university for this success. The athletic team of the university, called as SFU Clan, has participated in several national and international sports events. Its alumni have also taken part in Olympics and won several awards.

Why to join?

Simon Fraser University provides all facilities and full support to achieve professional and personal goals with more future opportunities.

The internationally recognized programs and courses help students in expanding their thinking power, strengthening their skill set and enhancing their professional network.

The innovative education, advanced research and broad community network help university in engaging more students and projects each year.

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