Queen's University - Ontario, Canada

Queen's University - Ontario, Canada.
99 University Avenue Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6

About Of Queen's University - Ontario, Canada

Queen’s University, established on 16 October 1841 by Queen Victoria, is one of the Canadian public research universities located in Kingston, on the shores of Lake Ontario, Canada. It is also known as Queen's University at Kingston or Queen’s. The first class was started with 13 students and 2 professors on 7 March 1842. With the admission of women, the university had become the first institution in the Maritime region. The first women college affiliated to university was established in 1883 and first extension course was started in 1888.

The university covers over 3,500 acres of land across Ontario and is also an owner of Herstmonceux Castle located in East Sussex, England. With more than 24,000 students and over 1,32,000 alumni across the world, the university is proudly helping people in achieving their goals.

Description Of Queen's University - Ontario, Canada

Faculty, Departments & Schools

Queen’s University has over 10 faculties and schools, and more than 70 departments concentrating the respective area of study. The university provides each possible option to choose the interested program or course.

Faculty - Arts and Science, Health Sciences, Law, Education, Engineering and Applied Science, and others

Departments - Chemical Engineering, History French Studies, Religion, General Surgery, Family Medicine, Urology, Allergy and Immunology, Computing and others

Schools - School of English, Graduate Studies, Business, Policy Studies, Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation Therapy

Programs & Degrees

The University of Western Ontario offers over 400 programs related to a range of the field of study to more than 36,000 students (both national and international). It includes around 160 graduate programs. With the addition of several other courses, Queen’s has developed positive impact that attracts students from various other countries.

Undergraduate Programs

Management, Italian, Linguistics, Medieval Studies, Philosophy, Software Design, Life Sciences, Geological Engineering, Fine Art, Environmental Biology, Commerce, Chemistry and others

Graduate Programs

Anatomical Sciences, Medicine, Statistics, Religious Studies, Geo Engineering, Cultural Studies, Ageing and Health, Finance, Geography, History, MBA, Mining Engineering and others

Postgraduate Medical Programs

Urology, Respirology, Psychiatry, Anesthesiology, Family Medicine, Medical Oncology, Neurology, Orthopedic Surgery and others

Online learning

The university offers numerous online courses for both outsiders and Queen’s students. Online degree programs are also provided to the students ensuring best online learning experience.


Queen’s university prides itself in gaining excellent research strengths in several areas such as mental health, computational science, energy systems, social issues and several others. The research-intensive university with a number of brilliant minds has worked on wide range of research projects. The leading edge researches are conducted contributing the well-being of the country and the world.  


The admission process varies as per the program of your interest and its requirements. You can also apply for admission as an Aboriginal student or an International student. All related information can easily get here.


The small and pedestrian-friendly campus of the Queen’s is just at the 10min walking distance from the busy downtown area. It includes six libraries and various museums and art galleries. It also has large performance hall which is mainly used by the theater, music and media students.

The Bader International Study Centre, an international campus is located in Herstmonceux, East Sussex, United Kingdom.

Queen’s campus provides a range of academic, social and personal amenities that ensure to meet a variety of students’ needs.

 Scholarships & Awards

The university offers several financial support opportunities to enjoy smooth and stress-free learning. Financing the education has become easy with the scholarships and awards offered by the Queen’s.

Why to join?

Queen’s University offers unmatched 24-hour learning environment giving excellent learning experience to the students with varied fields of study.

The university is highly committed to help students to learn something new, to discover something innovative and to think something extraordinary. The university picks the ambitious spirits and educates them with the high level of teaching giving a range of academic opportunities.

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