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610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907

About Of Purdue University - Indiana, United States

Purdue University is a public research university situated in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States. It was established in 1869 after the name, John Purdue, a Lafayette business leader and philanthropist, who donated money and land to establish an institution focused on agriculture and engineering. The first class was started in 1874 with 39 students and 6 faculty members. The first undergraduate degree was issued in 1875 in chemistry.

Description Of Purdue University - Indiana, United States

Colleges, Schools& Departments

It has 13 colleges and schools, and various academic departments.

Colleges & Schools - Agriculture, Education, Engineering, Health & Human Sciences, Liberal Arts, Pharmacy, Science, Veterinary Medicine, Management, and others

Departments -Agronomy, English, Entomology, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Food Science, Sociology, Statistics, Computer Science, Political Science, History, Animal Sciences, Theatre, and others

Programs& Degrees

Undergraduate Programs

Actuarial Science, Wildlife, Visual Arts Education, Spanish, Premedicine, Public Health, Nutrition Science, Jewish Studies, Human Services, English, Cybersecurity, Chemistry, Art History, Animation, Agricultural Communication, Biology, and others

Graduate Programs

Comparative Literature, Design, Economics, Veterinary Medicine, Theatre, Pharmacy Practice, Nursing, Nutrition, Materials Engineering, Languages & Cultures, Information Security, Horticulture, English, Aviation Technology, Biochemistry, and others


Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology, Economics, Management, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biological Sciences, Public Policy, Educational Leadership, Management Information Systems, and others


The world-changing research at Purdue University makes it a national and international leader in discovery and innovation. Purdue supports researchers in undertaking their research projects more effectively through collaboration with industry, government, institutions and organizations worldwide. It allows students, faculty and researchers from different areas of study to work together to address the complex challenges of the world.

The research centers and institutes provide access to the most advanced equipment, instruments and facilities to conduct the varied research activities.


Applying to Purdue is simple and easy through an online application. For graduate admission, applicants need to submit their applications with the supportive documents to the graduate school. Make sure to meet the application requirements and deadlines for the quick approval. All information and step-by-step guide regarding the admission at Purdue can be easily available here.


The main campus is located in the heart of West Lafayette city. Most of the academic buildings are located on the east and south of the campus. It provides a range of amenities to give the best learning and living environment to the students.

The campus facilities include libraries, labs, art galleries, theatre, parking, accommodation, eateries, cafes, bookstore, sports and recreation facilities, health services, counselling service, veteran services, and others.

Extra-curricular activities

The hundreds of clubs and organizations at Purdue encourage students to be their part and to give a new way to their passions and interests. The activities like arts, music, dance, and several other cultural events are organized at the campus all through the year.

The university also provides various ways to be connected with your passionate sports even when you are studying hard to achieve your career goals. It has tennis center, aquatic center, golf courses, gymnasiums, two indoor tracks, squash courts and facilities for basketball, volleyball, soccer, rugby, cricket, football etc.

Financial Support

Purdue helps students and families in managing funds of the education at the university. The different types of financial aid are available to meet the varied financial needs of the students. Scholarships, grants, awards, loans, work-study and others are awarded based on various factors. The students must meet the eligibility requirements of the financial aid they are going to apply for.

Why to join?

Being one of the leading research institutions, Purdue University is dedicated to preparing the future leaders for this changing world. Its main aim is to provide equal opportunities to all students so that they get an environment where they learn to become an honest, dynamic and successful individual both personally and professionally.

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