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About Of Murdoch University - Western Australia, Australia

Murdoch University is a public research university located in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. It was established in 1975 and was named after Sir Walter Murdoch, a founding professor of English and ex-Chancellor of the University of Western Australia.

It is also a member of the Innovative Research Universities. It is ranked at the 401-500th position in the World’s University Rankings 2017.

Description Of Murdoch University - Western Australia, Australia

Faculty and Schools

The university comprises various faculties and schools dedicated to the particular areas of study.

Faculty - Health Sciences, Science and Engineering, Law and Economics, Arts, Education, Veterinary Science, Education and others

Schools - Arts, Engineering and Technology, Veterinary and Life Sciences, Law, Management and Governance, Health Professions, Psychology and Exercise Science, Education and others

Programs & Degrees

Murdoch offers more than 80 undergraduate and over 100 postgraduate programs in various disciplines.

Undergraduate Programs

Web Communication, Tourism and Events, Radio, Psychology, Japanese, Banking, Graphic Design, Economics, Asian Studies, Business Law, Community Development, International Business, Movement Science, Sound and others

Graduate Programs

Food Security, Development Studies, Counseling, Biosecurity, Chaplaincy, Health Care Management, Professional Accounting, Renewable Energy, Professional Accounting, Engineering, Education, Divinity and others


Being a research-led university, Murdoch is engaged with the global challenges and finds new solutions by transforming the knowledge into practice. Research at Murdoch focuses on several key areas such as Health Futures, Food Security and Sustainable Development.

The collaboration with industry, business and organizations works effectively in benefiting the State, nation and global community. The university ensures to provide safe environments, world-class facilities, equipment and advanced technologies for innovative and high-quality research.   


An applicant, national or international, can apply online for undergraduate, honours or postgraduate degree. To study at Murdoch, applicants need to follow easy and simple steps. All information regarding the application process, requirements and deadlines are easily available on its official website here.


Murdoch has five campuses.

  • ‘South Street Campus’, the main campus located in the suburb of Murdoch is spread over 2.27 sq. km. It is a home to the Faculty of engineering.
  • ‘Rockingham Campus’, located at a distance of 38km south of central Perth. Established in 1996, it is a home to the Faculty of Arts and Commerce.
  • ‘Mandurah Campus’, located at a distance of 64km south of central Perth. Established in 2004, it is a home to the School of Health Professions.
  • ‘Dubai Campus’, established in 2008, this international campus offers a range of degree programs.
  • ‘Singapore Campus’, established in 2008 offers a range of internationally recognized programs.

They offer a range of facilities including a library, laboratories, accommodation, eateries, sports & recreation, health services, counseling etc.

Extracurricular activities

The university not only focuses on learning, but also provides great opportunities to explore new interests. The number of clubs and societies organize and encourage students to participate in various social, cultural and sports competitions. It helps students to develop new skills and passion and excel in their interested activities beyond the academic goals.

Financial Support

Several types of scholarships are awarded to the students on the basis of merit and financial needs. The several financial aid opportunities are available for both national and international students. It helps students to continue their studies despite their financial condition. The students must check the types of scholarship they are eligible for and enjoy their journey towards globally recognized university’s qualification.

Why to join?

Murdoch University is well-known for its outstanding teaching, innovative research and a high number of satisfied students.

The award–winning professors, state-of-the-art facilities and various other services give students a platform to learn, to gain real world experience and to explore university life. Thus, get lifetime memories while achieving their goals.

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