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1-877-733-6788 or 902-457-6117
166 Bedford Highway, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 2J6

About Of Mount Saint Vincent University - Nova Scotia, Canada

Mount Saint Vincent University, shortly known as The Mount, is a public liberal arts university situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was established in 1873 as the Mount Saint Vincent Academy for women with the aim to provide training to beginners and young sisters as teachers. In 1925, the academy became an independent college through Nova Scotia Legislature. In 1966, the college gained the university status by a charter and became Mount Saint Vincent University. It began admitting men in 1967.

Description Of Mount Saint Vincent University - Nova Scotia, Canada

These include English, Biology, Chemistry, Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality, Communication Studies, Child and Youth Study, History, Psychology, Women’s Studies, and others

Programs & Degrees

The Mount offers a range of programs in arts, science, education and professional studies.

Undergraduate Programs

Political Science, Mathematics, Women’s Studies, Chemistry, Communication Studies, Applied Statistics, Psychology, Applied Human Nutrition, French, History, Public Policy, Religious Studies, Gerontology, Education, Biology, Science Communication, and others

Graduate Programs

Applied Human Nutrition, Women and Gender Studies, Education, Child and Youth Study, Family Studies and Gerontology, Educational Psychology, School Psychology, Public Relations, Communication, and others

Ph.D. Programs

Educational Studies

The university also provides distance learning and continuing education facility.


Research at The Mount focuses on different areas to make a difference for the people and communities, both locally and globally. The research activities are supported in all ways from funding opportunities to collaborations with various research institutions, industries, government, and organizations. Internal and external grants are also offered to support the research funds.

The research centres and institutes are committed to research and action in their specific area. They aim to find the solution of the complex issues related to that area.


Applications for undergraduate and postgraduate admission are submitted online with the required documents. No doubt that admission process is different based on the level of study and type of student, but all applicants must review the instructions carefully in order to ensure the completion of an application.


Located in the historic city of Halifax at the hilltop, The Mount campus has a beautiful treed area. It offers facilities and services to give the best and comfortable learning and living environment to the students from across the Canada and over 50 countries.

The campus has a library, research labs, computer labs, multimedia services, walking trails, bookstore, art gallery, health services, daycare service, conference services, fitness centre, athletics and recreation facilities, accommodation, security, parking, and others.

Extra-curricular activities

The clubs and societies at The Mount are involved in the numerous activities for the students and by the students. The variety of social, cultural and sports events are organized throughout the year. They have something for everyone. All the students are welcomed to join any club of their choice. Several kinds of fitness classes are designed to improve the strength, balance, health, and peace of mind.

The University provides world-class facilities for various sports such as badminton, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, dodgeball etc.

Financial Support

Many scholarships are offered to the students based on their outstanding academic performance. It helps them to manage the education and living costs in the university. There are different scholarships and bursaries for undergraduate, graduate and mature students. Several awards and prizes are also offered on the basis of particular achievements. Other financial aid options are government student loans, bank student loans, emergency loans, and assistantships.

Why to join?

Mount Saint Vincent University gives a life-changing experience providing a broad spectrum of facilities, services, and opportunities that support the academic and professional goals of the students to great extent.

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