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405 N Main St, Davidson, NC 28035, USA

About Of Davidson College - North Carolina, United States

Davidson College is a private liberal arts college situated in Davidson, North Carolina, United States. It was established in 1837 after purchasing a land from Brigadier General William Lee Davidson, a revolutionary war commander. The college was named after him. The first graduate degree was awarded in 1840. The women were allowed to enroll as the degree students in 1972.

Each year, nearly 2,000 students from across the country and over 40 countries are enrolled to Davidson. As per the U.S. News & World Report, Davidson College has been ranked #9 among the best liberal arts colleges in the United States and 3rd for the best undergraduate teaching.

Description Of Davidson College - North Carolina, United States


The academic departments at Davidson include Economics, Theatre, Chemistry, German Studies, English, Music, Physics, Classics, Psychology, History, Hispanic Studies, Dance, Religious Studies, Sociology, Environmental Studies, Biology, Russian Studies, and others

Programs & Degrees

Davidson College offers 29 undergraduate majors, 15 interdisciplinary minors and 5 preprofessional courses.

Undergraduate Majors

Africana Studies, Biology, Religious Studies, Political Science, Philosophy, Latin American Studies, Mathematics, Hispanic Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Environmental Studies, English, East Asian Studies, Classical Languages and Literature, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, and others

Interdisciplinary Minor

Applied Mathematics, Communication Studies, Data Science, Digital Studies, Genomics, International Studies, Middle East Studies, South Asian Studies, Neuroscience, Global Literary Theory, and others

Preprofessional Programs

Engineering, Prelaw, Premedicine, Preministry, and Military Science


The College is known for its undergraduate research, support, and opportunities across all disciplines. The world-class faculty encourages students to be part of their work. They work together to contribute to the new knowledge in a range of fields and achieve an innovative outcome in art and literature. The students get a chance to conduct research activities which are included in their classroom curriculum.

The research work is supported by the funding opportunities and external grants. Davidson has the state-of-the-art laboratories outfitted with advanced tools and equipment for student-faculty research.


The domestic and international applicants can either apply through Common Application, or Online Application, or Paper Application. Transfer applicants need to apply through Common Application. All applicants are advised to check the admission process, application requirements and deadlines before applying for their chosen program. The admission guide is available on its official website.


The main campus located in Davidson is spread over 665 acres of land. The other campus, Lake Campus, located on Lake Norman covers 110 acres of area.

The campus facilities are library, labs, performance hall, study spaces, music centre, theatre, chaplaincy, residence halls, and apartment style facilities, health service, counseling service, dining services, athletic and fitness facilities, parking and others.

Extra-curricular activities

The campus environment is full of learning, activities and fun. The broad range of options for developing leadership & teamwork qualities, community involvement, exploring the passion and learning something new encourage students to be involved in the activities held on the campus.

The variety of academic, social, cultural, sports and volunteering activities are organized to keep students full of life. More than 200 student clubs and organizations give a vibrant campus life where students share their interests, ideas and knowledge.

Financial Support

The range of financial aid programs is offered to the students. These include scholarships, grants, student employment, loans etc. The financial needs, academic achievements, and accomplishments are few factors considered for awarding the financial aid to the suitable students. This helps students and their families to manage the cost of studying at Davidson.

Why to join?

The small classes and collaborative work of faculty and students engage them in original research activities across various disciplines. It offers a safe, friendly and comfortable environment in which students, learn, explore and live. Davidson graduates are well prepared to mark their positions in a global society.

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