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One North College Street Northfield, Minnesota 55057

About Of Carleton College - Minnesota, United States

Carleton College is a private liberal arts college situated in Northfield, Minnesota, United States. It was established in 1866. The first campus was constructed on 10 acres of land gifted by two businessmen, Charles Augustus Wheaton and Charles Moorehouse Goodsell. The first student was admitted in 1867. It was named after William Carleton, businessmen, who had donated the maximum amount for the institution in 1871.

The College is ranked #7 among the Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States and has also been ranked #1 for the best undergraduate teaching.

Description Of Carleton College - Minnesota, United States


These include Music, Art & Art History, Chemistry, Classics, Physics and Astronomy, History, Linguistics, Mathematics and Statistics, Middle Eastern Languages, Political Science, Computer Science, Theater and Dance, Geology, Psychology, and others

Programs & Degrees

Carleton offers 32 undergraduate majors and 17 interdisciplinary concentrations in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences. The students from different countries choose Carleton for their studies.

Undergraduate Programs

Africana Studies, Art History, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Classical Studies, Cognitive Science, Physics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, Geology, Theatre, Women's and Gender Studies, German, Biochemistry, English, Spanish, and others


The students working on various research projects are engaged in a deep understanding of the issues and learn to find the most impactful outcome from their work. Both students and faculty collaborate to maintain the rich research programs in a variety of areas. The research opportunities at Carleton encourage students to be part of the hands-on experience of the specific research project. The students can also work as research assistants with their faculty.


The applicants can submit an application either through Common Application or QuestBridge or Coalition Application. Any option can be chosen based on your preference. Carleton also guides applicants throughout the application process. Applicants can also check their application status online.


The campus is spread over 1,040 acres of a rural area including 880-acre Cowling Arboretum which became its part in 1920. Carleton campus is located at just 40 miles distance from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan complex in Northfield. The first building was built in 1872. Nearly 96% of students live on campus.

The campus offers numerous facilities that include a museum, theatre, library, labs, pub, café, mail and print services, parking, transportation, dining halls, sports and fitness facilities, chaplaincy, residence halls, security, health services, career services, and many more.

Extra-curricular activities

More than 90% students are involved in the intramurals, clubs and varsity sports. Whether you are an expert or want to learn a new sport, Carleton has a range of options to fit the needs of all students. It has the world-class facilities for indoor and outdoor sports activities such as racquetball courts, pitches, climbing wall, fitness centre, indoor track, aerobics studio, gymnasium, and others.

More than 240 student clubs and organizations keep students involved in various activities all through the year. Exhibitions, performing arts events and other cultural events are organized in the campus involving the maximum participation of the students. Students showcase their work, talent and knowledge through the creative programs.

Financial Support

Carleton offers financial support to the students in the form of scholarships, grants, awards, loan, and student employment. Several factors are taken into account to provide these financial aid programs to the eligible students. The financial aid staff at Carleton also helps students and families to locate the finance for their desired amount.

Why to join?

Carleton College provides students a place where they learn and develop a strong community. Highly supportive and friendly faculty, challenging academic programs, excellent resources for pursuing higher education, and global opportunities prepare students for the competitive world. It is committed to providing the best liberal arts education with the world-class academics.

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