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+61 7 5595 1111
14 University Drive (Off Cottesloe Drive) ROBINA QLD 4226, AUSTRALIA

About Of Bond University - Queensland, Australia

Bond University, also called as Bond, is a private university located in the Gold Coast of the city Queensland, Australia. It was founded in 1887 by the founder and Chairman of Bond Corporation, ‘Alan Bond’ and the President of EIE international, ‘Harunori Takahashi’. The teaching was started in 1989 with only 322 students at the initial stage.

It is the only university in Australia that offers academic calendar similar to the US universities. It is a home to a small community consisting more than 4,000 students. Total students population includes 50% international students from over 70 different countries.

The university offers an array of programs and courses, thus allow students to study their interested subjects. The students from around the world prefer Bond to achieve their career goals.

Description Of Bond University - Queensland, Australia

Faculty & Departments

Each faculty of the university has well-known research centres handled by International authority specialized in that particular field.

Faculty - Business, Creative Media, Architecture, Health Sciences & Medicine, Law, Humanities & Global Studies, Social Sciences and others

Departments - Business, Engineering, International Studies, Environment, Humanities & Social Sciences, Education and others

Programs & Degrees

The university allows students to enjoy study abroad experience by providing TEAN’. Here, students can spend a semester abroad along with several recreational activities. Students get a chance to explore local culture and academics while getting familiar with the entire study journey.

All these programs are offered to Australian and international students.

Undergraduate Programs

Actuarial Science, Film and Television, Creative Arts, Sports Management, Journalism, laws, International Relations, Communication, Commerce, Medical Studies and others

Graduate Programs

Architecture, Business, Psychology, Sports Science, Valuation and Property Development, Occupational Therapy, Legal Administration, Finance, Communication, Criminology and others


Criminology, Legal Studies, University English Studies, Business, Health Sciences, Communication and others


Bond University has several world-class research centres contributing to the overall research output and training. It includes two University research centres and five Faculty research centres. The university aims to build a strong relationship with other institutions and partners by enhancing its research base and research activities. Bond’s mission is to bring a great impact on the local, national and international community.


Bond University has a systematic admission process. The admission applications can be submitted in June for Spring programs and in January for Fall programs. It is recommended to confirm the application deadline through the website.


The Bond campus has sandstone buildings made up with exclusive architecture design. Green lawns and attractive open space around the lake is enough to spend leisure time with other students. The campus is designed to meet all academic and non-academic needs. The campus provides all facilities as it is surrounded by cafes, shopping centers, restaurants etc.


The students can take advantages of TEAN scholarships as the most helpful financial aid. In every semester, the university offers four AUS$1000 and one AUS$400 book scholarships to its students. TEAN Bond students are automatically eligible for such type of university specific scholarships.

The scholarship programs are designed to support and encourage students who have done extremely well in areas such as academic, sports, community, research and management.

Extra-curricular Activities

Bond focuses on bringing best out of the students. It provides numerous sports facilities thus giving a range of opportunities to enhance their talent and give life to their hobbies. The university operates around 30 different sporting clubs. These clubs organize several events and outings all through the year.

Why to join?

Bond University is well known for its excellent teaching and other essential facilities required for exciting and comfortable learning. What else a student wants when he can get everything at one place?

The study programs, campus life, scholarships and research centres ensure every student to follow their passion by cultivating a strong base.

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