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Aston Express Way, Birmingham B4 7ET, UK

About Of Aston University - Alabama, United Kingdom

Aston University is a public research university located in Birmingham, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1895 as the Birmingham Municipal Technical School. In 1956, it was renamed to the College of Advanced Technology and endured a major expansion. In 1966, it granted the University status by a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth and became the Aston University.

Aston has been ranked at the top positions among the UK‘s universities for its best teaching quality and academic achievements.

Description Of Aston University - Alabama, United Kingdom


All faculties of Aston are organized into five schools.

Schools - Business; Medical; Engineering & Applied Science; Languages & Social Sciences; Life & Health Sciences  

Programs & Degrees

It offers a broad spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Undergraduate Programs

Communications Engineering, Spanish, Product Design & Management, Neuroscience, Medicine, Optometry, Law, Human Biology, English Language, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, and others

Postgraduate Programs

Business Analytics, Drug Deliver, Computer Science, Health Psychology, Product Design, Pharmacokinetics, Finance, Software Engineering, Telecommunications Systems, Foreign Linguistics, Translation Studies, Biomedical Science, and others

Ph.D. Programs

Medicine, Pharmacy, Optometry, Business Administration, Ophthalmic Science, Hearing Therapy, and others


The university always focuses on cutting-edge research that ensures to bring an impact to the real world. The main aim is to improve the way of living of the people’s around the world. The range of services, facilities, opportunities and support is offered to the researchers. The guidance is provided to the researchers in all aspects in order to bring out the best of their research.

Most of the researchers have contributed extraordinary in the development of the society and world, and are established as the world-leaders in their respective fields.


The applicants for undergraduate programs must submit their applications through UCAS. For postgraduate taught or research programs, the applicants’ needs to submit an online application form with the supporting documents. The applicants must go through the admission process, application requirements, deadlines and other details before applying to study at Aston University.


Aston campus is located at Gosta Green, in the heart of a vibrant city, Birmingham. It is spread over 60-acres of an area and is a home to the more than 3,000 students from around the world.

The campus facilities include a library, lecture theatres, labs, seminar rooms, health services, counseling service, cafes, restaurants, pubs, supermarket, hairdressers, bank, bookstore, computer shop, sports and fitness facilities, accommodation, and others.

Extra-curricular activities

Aston provides students the countless opportunities to enjoy each moment of their university life to the fullest. Recreation Centre at Aston, covering 48 acres of area, provides highly relaxing and vibrant environment and keeps students engaged in one or another activity of their choices and interests.

Aston sports teams have participated and excelled in various competitions. It has world-class facilities for badminton, table tennis, football, basketball, netball, volleyball, martial arts, etc. It also offers a gym, sports halls, squash courts, swimming pool, sauna & steam rooms, fitness classes, yoga classes etc.

Financial Support

The wide range of financial support is offered to the students based on their academic performance, personal background and family income. Only eligible students are awarded such support to ease the burden of educational and living expenses. The university provides assistance to both undergraduate and postgraduate students to find the most suitable scholarships depending on their needs and eligibility requirements.

Why to join?

Aston University prepares students for the life at the forefront of business. Highly experienced staff, award-winning faculty and highly encouraging learning environment ensure to enhance the students’ prospects and make them highly capable of standing out in the crowd with their extraordinary work. The partnerships with the international institutions, companies, and organizations expand the employability level.

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